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Heart of mother (or father) 3| Valentine's Day Dog Biscuits (set of 2 pieces)

Heart of mother (or father) 3| Valentine's Day Dog Biscuits (set of 2 pieces)

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√ Handmade artisan product

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√ With Genuine Honey


On the occasion of the most romantic day of the year, here we are with our adorable "mother's (or father's) heart" biscuits - a delicious way to celebrate the special affection you share with your furry friend.

These irresistible biscuits are prepared with care, using high quality ingredients and, in particular, the natural sweetness of red beetroot. With no artificial preservatives and a touch of love in each heart, these biscuits are the perfect gift for your furry friend this Valentine's Day.

There are 2 messages printed on the biscuits:

You & Me

Happy Valentines Day

Each biscuit is carefully hand-shaped to create loving hearts, a symbol of the unique bond you share with your faithful companion. The organic red beetroot, in addition to offering a delicious flavour, naturally colors the leafy heart red.

Our "mum (or dad) hearts are therefore the ideal gift to show your four-legged friend how special he is. Whether you are sharing a sweet moment during a walk or rewarding your dog for his loyalty, these biscuits they will make every moment unforgettable.

This Valentine's Day, celebrate authentic love with your furry companions and treat them to the taste of our special heart-shaped beetroot biscuit. May every lick be a gesture of sincere affection and a delicious way to celebrate the unique bond you share.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your beloved four-legged friend!

The relief decorations are made of sugar paste which can be easily removed for those who prefer it.

weight: 55 grams - dimensions of each biscuit: 5x 5 cm

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