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Luxor for Him Customizable, Pharaonic Dog Cake

Luxor for Him Customizable, Pharaonic Dog Cake

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√ Le nostre torta hanno scadenza 2 mesi dalla data dell'ordine

√ Handmade artisan product

√ Gift Box Included

√ SOFT dough


Luxor, the most sophisticated dog cake ever made.

The shape of the cake recalls ziggurat pyramids, but there is nothing ancient or naively retro about this delicious dessert.

Each Luxor cake is handmade with the utmost attention to detail.

The size and weight make it the perfect cake for a shared birthday.

Customizable with your dog's name, this cake will quickly become the center of attention at your next birthday party or adoption ceremony.

Choose from a vast selection of delicious flavor variations, including: ORGANIC spirulina algae, pork, green mussels, red beetroot, organic hemp and carobs.

  • Dimensions: 17cm side x 9cm height (1kg weight).

All ingredients are of the highest quality and carefully selected.

The relief decorations are made of sugar paste which can be easily removed for those who prefer it.

Luxor is the most luxurious cake in our collection, an explosion of taste and refinement.

Order it now and give your dog a real delicacy, perfect for any special occasion!

Our dog treats are soft and tasty. The candles can be applied effortlessly.

We only use hemp seed flours that do not contain THC.

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