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Dogg Star

Gender Reveal Dog Cake 3

Gender Reveal Dog Cake 3

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√ Le nostre torta hanno scadenza 2 mesi dalla data dell'ordine

√ Handmade artisan product

√ Gift Box Included

√ SOFT dough

Interior color

Welcome to Dogg Star's Gender Reveal party, a special event where our four-legged friends are an integral part of the family!

We are about to reveal the sweetest and most engaging secret: the sex of our little one on the way. And how? With our exclusive "Gender Reveal Cake for Dogs"!

The arrival of a new member in the family is always an extraordinary moment and full of emotions. Will it be a girl or a boy who joins us?

The Hidden Secret: Our Gender Reveal Cake for Dogs features a layer of color (pink or decide of course) hidden inside. From the outside, it looks like a delicious and tempting cake, but the real mystery lies beneath the surface. This colorful layer is the highlight of the party and will reveal the gender of our little one on the way.

A Fun and Engaging Moment: When the sweet celebration begins, get ready for an engaging and fun time. While your faithful four-legged friend dives into our cake, all the guests will gather together awaiting the exciting announcement. It will be a moment of joy and surprise when the pink or blue color is visible, you will have marked a moment that determines a before and after in your life,

How It Works: Dogg Star's Gender Reveal Cake for Dogs is made with high-quality ingredients and love for our furry friends.

Share the Joy as a Family: This is not only a special moment for you and your little one on the way, but also for your dog, who is an integral part of the family. Sharing together the joy and excitement of discovering the gender of the new incoming member will strengthen your relationship even more.

Celebrate with Dogg Star: Choose the Dogg Star Gender Reveal Cake for Dogs to make your party even more memorable. The joy, surprise and excitement that will surround this moment will be unforgettable for all members of your beloved family, both two-legged and four-legged!

Handmade dog cake from Dogg Star, the only dog ​​pastry shop with never banal products.

  • Dimensions: 10 cm side (180 grams weight)
  • Available in different flavors.
  • Shipped in an elegant gift box

The part  superior decorative is  of completely edible vegetable wafer.

The relief decorations are made of sugar paste which can be easily removed for those who prefer it.

We only use hemp seed flours that do not contain THC.

You can find the ingredients for cakes and biscuits here

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