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Customizable Rebel, Unique Dog Cake.

Customizable Rebel, Unique Dog Cake.

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√ Le nostre torta hanno scadenza 2 mesi dalla data dell'ordine

√ Handmade artisan product

√ Gift Box Included

√ SOFT dough


Welcome to the world of rebellious and mischievous dogs with our new "Rebel" dog cake, a tasty and fun experience that will make your faithful four-legged companion jump for joy!

Imagine yourself sailing the stormy oceans aboard a pirate ship, ready to conquer new adventures. The "Rebel" cake is inspired precisely by this adventurous and transgressive spirit. Each slice of this canine delight is a real map of taste that will lead you to unknown and delicious lands.

We have created a selection of unique flavors, specifically designed to satisfy the most demanding palates of our furry friends. Among the flavors available, you can find the tasty pork that will make your dog's mouth water. Green lipped mussels will add a marine and adventurous touch to your gastronomic experience.

For more health-conscious dogs, we have thought of organic options.

The "Rebel" cake offers the choice of organic carob, rich in natural antioxidants that promote overall health.

The addition of organic spirulina algae will provide an extra source of vitamins and minerals for optimal support for the well-being of your four-legged friend.

But it doesn't end here! For pooches who love a little sweetness, we've introduced the flavor of red beets. This unique and exotic flavor will satisfy your furry friend's most greedy desires.

Each "Rebel" cake is prepared with love and care, using only high quality ingredients. We care about the health and well-being of our four-legged friends, so you can rest assured that this cake is made with safe ingredients suitable for animal consumption.

Whether your dog is an authentic sailor or simply a four-legged rascal, the "Rebel" cake will be ideal to celebrate his adventurous spirit. Order the "Rebel" cake now to make your furry companion the king or queen of the pirates!

The relief decorations are made of sugar paste which can be easily removed for those who prefer it.

Our dog treats are soft and tasty. The candles can be applied effortlessly.

We only use hemp seed flours that do not contain THC.

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Come and discover our "Rebel" cake and get ready for a tasty adventure with your rebellious and mischievous dog!

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